About Gakken Classroom

Gakken Classroom is a learning center that develops each child's Thinking Skills and Self-learning Skills needed to live in the 21st century as well as the Fundamental Academic Skills. With our original worksheets, we offer Maths learning program for children (KG to 6 Grade).

Since 1947, Gakken has been pioneering new educational publications. With the hopes of helping children to have confidence and to experience the joy of learning, we have started Gakken Classroom in 1980 and successfully introduced across Japan and Asian countries with more than 420,000 members and 15,000 centers.

Where Children's Smiles Overflow and Your Individuality Shines
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No.1 Market Share

Gakken Classroom has the largest market share in the Japansese after-school learning industry where children learn primary maths

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Skills to think about how to reach the answer will broaden your world

To acquire the skills to meet the demands of the global society when children grow up.

In the upcoming generations, there will be questions in which the answer is not one, or even where there is no answer.

These skills are logical thinking skills and apply-and-learn skills built based on fundamental academic abilities. They are what Gakken Classroom aims at nurturing. Our qualified instructors and worksheets fitted for each child will support their learning.

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Our Philosophy

joy of learning,self confidence,zest for living

The acquisition skills and confidence through active learning will become a valuable life skill for them.

4 Guidance System

Supporting our 4 guiding principles

Our Original Worksheets

In addition to advanced arithmetic skills, our children acquire logical thinking skills through a large number of story problems.
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In addition to advanced arithmetic skills,our children acquire logical thinking skills through a large number of story problems.

  1. Focusing on the calculation process, our members achieve Maths skills through a genuine understanding of the concept.
  2. Learn how to approach and solve problems with plenty of story problems.
  3. Achieve a thorough understanding through our small step method.
  4. A well-balanced line-up including 4 domains of math: “Numbers and Calculations”, “Quantities and Measurements”, “Geometrical Figures” and “Mathematical Relations”.

Franchisee’s Role

1. Learning Guidance

  • Open a classroom 4days to 6 days a week
  • Help children to learn Maths with instructions and worksheets (Worksheets are written in English)
  • Target ages: KG – 6th Grade strudents

2. Classroom Operation

  • Find members (Marketing and Promotion)
  • Build trusting parent-instructor relationships
  • Clerical work
  • Establish a classroom environment conducive to learning

3. Attending Trainings

  • Attend the Pre-Opening Training
  • Attend a Monthly Training

Franchise Agreement

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Gakken Support System

Start-up Support

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We provide all the materials you need to run a classroom. Study materials for all levels.

Support for Finding Students

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We actively promote our classrooms on webpage, Facebook and ongoing activities. In addition, we also provide advertising materials such as flyers and posters.

Instruction Support

gakken manuals

Monthly training
Instruction manuals

Steps to opening your Gakken Classroom

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